Update 8/10/18

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The directors of Haslingden Pool Limited have released the following update:

“It is with great sadness and regret that we, as a group, have decided we have gone as far as we can in our aim to reopen Haslingden Pool.

“We have worked extremely hard over the last few years to turn this project into a reality.

It has been a really tough decision to make but unfortunately we have faced several setbacks and the challenges to open a pool that could sustain itself have been too great to overcome.

“We want to thank the Haslingden community for the support they have given us but we most of all want to thank the volunteers who have put in so much effort into this development.

“We want to thank the Council for its help and assistance especially as the local authority has its own huge financial challenges.

“We hope the Council’s future plans for the site will benefit Haslingden.

Responding the news, Councillor Alyson Barnes, Leader of the Council, said: “It is sad to hear that Haslingden Pool Limited have called it a day.

“We have always been very supportive of their plans but we know how to get such a project off the ground is extremely difficult. I know the volunteers have put in a tremendous amount of work to get it to even this point.

“The Council will now review its options on what to do with the site but we will ensure those plans benefit the town.”